Packaged Potency

Between the hours of 10 and 11 every night, I find it difficult to do anything but watch TV. I love PBS, but if nothing interesting’s on, which is often, I’ll happily surf the less high-brow fare on cable. I try to avoid commercials when I can, but it’s impossible to skip them altogether, especially when they often seem to be demonically coordinated to appear¬† on several channels simultaneously.

Some of the commercials I find most fascinating are the ones for drugs to treat male, shall we say, dysfunction, with their rugged middle-aged guys cuddling wives who glow with gratitude for their husband’s potency. The ones for the testosterone treatments you use like deodorant particularly stand out, not least because of product’s logo, which is a male figure with what look like rainbows radiating from his armpit. And the list of possible side effects which always ends the ads, including in this case unusual hair growth.

Anyhow, after watching these things for a good deal of time, we came up with the latest story. It’s one of the better ones we’ve done in awhile, we think. Hope you do, too. And if you see a rainbow, be sure to check where it’s coming from.

Happy New Year!

milkhoneyTo all our readers who regard it as such, we wish you a happy, healthy New Year. We are running, as we always do at this time, a story not about the holiday but about one of its main themes, forgiveness and the change that requires. We know that doesn’t sound funny, but stick around. There’ll be laughs a-plenty, we promise, and some depth as well. Hey, it’s what we do!