A Few Words from Patty

Hi Everyone, this is a blog post from Patty.  As our strip nears its final day, I am realizing that little time remains for my Edge City bucket list.  One item on it has been posting on this site, which I haven’t done previously, in large part because Terry has done it so capably, and partly because I didn’t have the password, and felt a little shy.   I am happy to say that all login information is now at my disposal, and I realize I want to speak for myself here too, so here goes.

Thanks, Everyone

Photo from the Philadelphia Inquirer--CHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer

Photo from the Philadelphia Inquirer–CHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer

Years ago, right before we moved from Chicago to Philadelphia, we had a yard sale. We’d lived on our street for 7 years, in a 2-flat, a 2-unit apartment building which we owned. In that time, we’d hardly met any of our neighbors; indeed, our lack of connection to the neighborhood was one of the reasons we were ready to leave. But for some reason, all those neighbors we didn’t know came out to our sale and introduced themselves. We learned more about our street that day than we had in all the time we’d lived there; everyone was so friendly and interesting we almost regretted the fact we were moving on.

Edge City is Ending

Over the next month and a half, astute readers will start noticing big changes in Edge City. The comic strip world, which has basically been static all these years, will start to change. Characters will find themselves in new situations, long-standing conflicts will be resolved. That’s because we’re closing up shop–Edge City ends at the end of this year.