Read and Download The Barber’s Tale

In April, 2012, Edge City featured an exciting and groundbreaking series about the Holocaust. As his religious school observes Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Colin has trouble connecting with an event that to him seems like ancient history. That is, until he hears the story his barber has to tell about surviving that terrible time.

Sensitively done and without disturbing visual content, The Barber’s Tale is a great way to get kids talking about a difficult subject. Available soon as an ebook on Amazon, you can download it now as a high-quality pdf that can be read on an iPad or printed out and distributed to a whole class.


Get The Edge City Book!

You can still get your brand, spanking new copy of the Edge City book, published a few years ago by Andrews-McMeel. 128 pages of some of out best stuff, all in color to boot. Click on the ad at right to order your copy. A must-have for every fan. And need we even say it makes a great birthday or Hannukkah present?

Original Art

Original art for Edge City is available for purchase! Drawn with ink over non-photo blue pencil on Bristol paper, dailies measure 13″x4″ and Sundays are 16″x 7.5″. Please note that Sundays are not in color–that’s all done on the computer. Makes a wonderful and unique gift! Email us for details–please specify the day and year.